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5 Reasons Why You Should Seal Your Garage Doors


More than shelter for your vehicle, the garage is often where the barely used household items get stashed – lawn equipment, DIY tools, old furniture… you name it! 

Why Install Door Seals?

Commonly affixed to the four main edges of the garage door, door seals need to be fitted perfectly to ensure that they perform their task effectively:

To Keep Insects and Pests Out

Creeping crawlies and small vermin have been known to creep inside residential areas through the gaps in garage doors. To prevent this potentially life threatening scenario (ok, so a mouse never killed anyone!) make sure you carefully attach the seals to the bottom of the doors. Be aware that some seals will have the tendency to expand or shrink, making them ineffective.

Coruba provides a range of rubber extrusions that would make perfect garage door seals, including our Black Nitrile Door Profile and Black EPDM Door Profile - available in different sizes to suit various door requirements.

To Prevent Dust and Fumes

Since the garage tends to serve as a long-term storage facility, items are prone to the accumulation of dust and fumes that can be harmful. Some fumes can also be detrimental to our health, posing serious hazards when inhaled.

To Stop Water

As a result of heavy rainfall, water may seep in through different gaps around the garage door. Door seals can help to prevent this by providing a barrier against moisture and cold air.

To Prevent Dirt

No matter how harmless it might seem, dirt and debris can hinder the garage door - it can stop it from operating efficiently for a start.  The easy solution… rubber seals of course!

Effective Weatherproofing

It is very important to ensure that your seals are in good condition to retain the warmth inside the garage. 

Coruba has the finer details covered - including your garage door dilemmas! For top of the line rubber extrusions for door sealing, please call 01702 560194 or email us at  info@coruba.co.uk.

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