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5 Reasons Why Electrical Mats are a Key Asset in Various Industries


Electric shocks are invariably due to mechanical equipment that is not electrically grounded. The gravity of the shock depends on the current going through the body and the term of contact. There are times that delay shocks occur, causing danger to workers in the surrounding area - such as muscle spasms, loss of motion and even death.

As a necessary safety precaution, electrical matting should be used at all times when you are working in close proximity of mechanical equipment - that may be a possible source of electric shock.

Design and Application

The ideal mixture of synthetic polymers and elastomer, these materials ensure that the static electricity is not in any way produced on the mats – assuring employee protection, no matter what the working conditions. Typically, these mats are pasted onto the floor and laid in front of the electrical panels.

Malleable and Durable

Electrical mats are known for their many distinct properties including high tensile strength, greater levels of durability, resistance to the lowest temperatures and their acid proof structure – making them a very popular choice for commercial environments.

Fights Electrocution

Electrocution can potentially happen in any industry; however, it is most likely in electrical workplaces, as they are highly exposed to electrical equipment. Electrical matting is recommended to avoid instances of electrocution.

Ensures Workstation Safety

Electrical matting prevents potential electric shocks, providing insulation to operators by keeping them from direct contact with the floor. Available in various shapes and sizes, there is sure to be a matting solution to suit your requirements for various workstation applications.

Installation is straightforward; simply roll it out and position it. Popular for its seamlessness and versatility, electrical safety matting can easily be utilised in small-scale situations where working on electric machinery is involved.

Cost-effective Option

Electrical mats are made with materials that are generally inexpensive, yet high quality. Since they are easy to install, they do not require professional installation that would otherwise be costly. Naturally durable, they can go the distance, offering many years of unfaltering service with little maintenance – which means you don’t have to keep spending out to keep employees protected.

By taking the right security measures and implementing the appropriate safety applications, you can successfully reduce or even prevent workplace electrocution.

Remember, electricity can kill! For top quality electrical mats - that can be real life-savers - contact Coruba today on 01702 560194.

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