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5 Major Rubber Flooring Questions


It is important that you find out everything you can about a certain product before you actually purchase it. This will allow you to form some realistic expectations.

Rubber flooring is an important investment, so you should try to evaluate all of the benefits before you buy. Here are some questions you could ask:

1. How long will my rubber floor last?

Rubbers are naturally durable. Generally, they can withstand shocks, weathering and some chemicals.

The product’s lifespan will depend largely on the environment; the frequency of maintenance is also a contributing factor.

Most suppliers provide long warranties but rubber floors (especially those with a high synthetic content) can generally last for between fifteen to twenty years.

2. How will I maintain my rubber floor?

One good thing about rubber floors is that they only require minimal maintenance. Unlike other flooring materials, rubber is not affected by moisture and can be safely drenched in water for cleaning. You can also remove stains using mops and non-acidic detergents, without worrying that the floor will be damaged.

3. How much will it cost me?

Rubber flooring is more expensive compared to PVC and linoleum. However, if you consider the cost together with its service longevity, the expense is substantially lower compared to other flooring alternatives.

4. Is it really better than other flooring alternatives?

The perfect choice of flooring material will always depend on its intended application, so this is quite debatable. It is safe to say that rubber floors offer some advantages over their counterparts:

Outstanding Durability

Rubber can withstand impacts without damage. This incomparable advantage makes it a better choice for many facilities.

Wide Range of Options

Rubber flooring is available in different finishes and textures; it can even be customised to add company logos for branding purposes. This feature allows rubber floors to be more slip resistant compared with other flooring options.

5. Is it safe to use?

Rubber flooring is more environmentally friendly compared to PVC flooring. Rubber floors and mats are non-toxic and can sometimes be made of up to 80% recycled rubber that contains no harmful substances.

Before making any investment, we should always ask about the important details regarding each product.

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