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5 Flooring Options for Your Home Gym

Working out in the comfort of your own home is sometimes more convenient – especially if you don’t live anywhere near a gym or if you can’t justify costly membership fees. Working out from home also gives you the freedom to work out anytime you want, so you can achieve that amazingly fit body without too much inconvenience.

Among the most important home gym requirements, you should always consider the most efficient flooring option – to save you from impact damage and bodily injuries. Below are the five most common flooring options for a home gym -  see for yourself how rubber flooring makes all the difference!


Foam Flooring

Affordable and easy to maintain, foam provides a soft flooring solution that eases several workout techniques such as sit-ups and stretching. Available in a wide choice of colours and lightweight, it is available in interlocking mat options.

The downside, however, is that it is not recommended for areas with heavy gym equipment – as foam flooring is highly susceptible to cuts and deformation.


Carpet Tiles

Just like foam flooring, carpet tiles also provide a soft cushioned effect – making them ideal for body workouts. While they do create a very homely appearance, one of the main drawbacks is that they will stretch over time. They are also not moisture resistant and they can start to smell, particularly when not regularly maintained.


Wood Flooring

Wood flooring alternatives are a great choice if you want to make your home gym look spacious. Durable in nature, this makes wood suitable for heavy-duty equipment and it will promise years of reliable service with the proper maintenance.

While wood can be really attractive, it is not ideal for floor based workouts. Wood tends to get slippery when wet and this may cause accidents such as slips, trips and falls.


Vinyl Tiles

Durable and easy to install, vinyl floor tiles are mould-resistant. Available in a wide array of designs and colours, they are also highly flexible and easy to clean - so maintaining your gym won’t be any trouble.

Vinyl tiles, however, are not ideal for installations that require cushioning – they do not absorb as much shock as foam flooring alternatives.


Rubber Flooring

The perfect solution for home gyms, rubber flooring offers a variety of benefits that can deliver the safety and convenience you require in your home workout facility:

  • Great impact absorption – protects floors from serious damage that heavy gym equipment and workout moves can otherwise cause
  • Anti-slip surface – available in different textures and designs, the surface provides protection from trips and falls
  • Static resistance – saves you from electric currents while actively helping towards prolonging the lifespan of gym equipment that requires electricity
  • Noise and vibration reduction – dampens the noise caused by vibrating exercise equipment
  • Easy maintenance – In 5 easy steps your mats are clean! They also trap odour to stop your home gym from smelling


Rubber mats assure extreme durability and functionality. Coruba supplies a wide range of high quality rubber gym mats and other rubber flooring options that are fit for any application! For more information, call the experts today on 01702 560194.

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