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4 Rubber Worries Solved by Coruba


As one of the most versatile materials, rubber has been widely used in homes and various industries for many years. However, some people still have to think twice when deciding whether this material is suitable for their requirements.

Problem #1: Rubber that Burns Easily

One of the main customer concerns is that rubber burns easily. Since no one wants to get involved in any fire incidents, it’s always best to invest in fire-resistant products.

Our Solution: Black Neoprene NFF16-101 M2-F3 & UL94-VO Flame Retardant Sheet 60°

Complying with NFF 16-101 M2 -F3 and American standard UL94-VO test rating; our high-grade, flame retardant rubber sheets promote product safety.

Problem #2: Rubber that is Hazardous for Human Health

The presence of impurities in some rubber matting products are a legitimate cause for concern.

Our Solution: White Food Quality Natural Rubber 60° shore

Our food grade rubber complies with US FDA 21 CFR177.2600.  This certifies that it is safe to use in the food processing industry - also suitable for medium temperature applications.

Problem #3: Flimsy and Unreliable Rubber

When looking for an economical way to enhance the home and work environment, quality should always prevail.

Our Solution: Black Shotblast Natural Rubber 50° shore

Commonly used in shot blast Shute lining and conveyor skirt applications, this abrasion resistant polymeric sheeting proves that it can stand up to the challenges of an industrial setting.

Problem #4: Rubber and Oil

Most industries involve machinery that functions with the help of oil and fuel. Rubber is heavily relied upon to cushion heavy machinery – leaving it subjected to various spilt liquids.

Our Solution: Black Non-Reinforced Diaphragm Grade Nitrile 70 ° shore

Made to resist oil, fuel and certain chemicals, our non-reinforced diaphragm Nitrile rubber sheet will assure lasting performance in busy industrial work environments.

If you have any further questions, please call 01702 560194 or send us an email at info@coruba.co.uk. You can count on our rubber products to deliver!

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