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3 Handy Tips for Your Car This Winter


The change in season means a drop in temperatures. Maybe it’s time to take some strategic measures to ensure that it your vehicle safe and ready to use, even in the cold and frosty weather:

#1: Rubber Mats Save Your Windscreen

Never deal with an icy windscreen again! Simply place some rubber matting over your car the night before and voila! Who needs an ice scraper…? Your windscreen will be clear as crystal!

We suggest that you use Coruba’s Small Dot Rubber Matting as an economical windscreen protection solution. Easy to maintain, you can store it over the summer and reuse it when the winter comes around again!

#2: Rubber Mats Protect Side Mirrors

Don’t forget your side mirrors… they are also prone to ice! Cover them with a rubber mat secured with rubber bands. To keep it cost-effective, you can cut a portion from your Small Dot Rubber Matting – it is so easy to cut and shape… now how’s that for convenience?!

#3: Switch to All-Weather Floor Mats

Winter is definitely the right time to change your car mats - the harsh winter elements require more hardwearing alternatives for the utmost protection, comfort and safety. All weather mats will also better protect your car from moisture that could otherwise damage the interior of your car.

For the perfect vehicle matting solution, we recommend the UTE Heavy Duty Open Ring Design Matting. Offering good cold floor to foot insulation properties and with efficient fluid drainage, you’ll be first off the starting blocks in the cold winter mornings for sure!

Always be prepared.  Coruba specialises in superior quality rubber matting that will assure the utmost winter driving convenience. Call 01702 560194 and speak to the rubber experts today!

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