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Peroxide Cured EPR Heat Resistant Rubber Sheet 60º Shore

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Peroxide Cured EPR Heat Resistant Rubber Sheet 60º Shore

Item Code: Coru1457

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  • REACH, RoHS, PAH and CE compliant.
  • Good resistance to weather and weather.
  • Moderate resistance to acids and strong bases.
  • Peroxide Cured Heat Resistance ERP: 60º Shore.

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£34.88 m2 + VAT

Quick Overview

Coru1457 Peroxide Cured EPR Heat Resistant Rubber Sheet 60º Shore is a Peroxide Cured, heat resistant rubber sheet made of EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) rubber, suitable for use in applications where good weather and ozone resistance is required. It also has a good resistance to acids and strong bases.

EPR is a similar compound to EPDM. However, they differ in the creation processes and in some of their applications. EPR is vulcanised using a peroxide-based cure system, whereas EPDM can use peroxide or sulphur-based systems. This is due to the third monomer, Diene, found in EPDMs.

When it comes to their applications, little separates the two, except in extreme or demanding applications. EPR, for instance, excels when used in nuclear facilities. EPDM, however, is superior when the applications involve concentrated acetic acids. In most other applications, the differences are near-indefinable.

N.B. Coruba Sheeting can be supplied plain or with self adhesive backed tape (SAB). Rubber Strip to bespoke sizes are available along with customised sheets/gaskets. Please email your enquiry details to sales@coruba.co.uk

Product Description





Hardness (° Shore A)

ISO 7619-1

60 ± 5

Tensile strength (Kgf/cm²), min

ISO 37


Elongation at break (%), min

ISO 37


Abrasion resistance (mm³), min

ISO 37


Density (g/cm³)

ISO 2781


Compression set (24h at 70ºC, 25% set) (%), max

ISO 815


Tear resistance (angular) (kgf/cm), min

ISO 34


Resistance to ozone (50 pphm x 40ºC, 20% elongation x22h)


No cracks

Weather resistance



Oil resistance


Not resistant

Benzine resistance


Not resistant

Acid resistance



Strong bases resistance



Temperature range


-30 to 180ºC

Resistance to accelerated ageing (168h at 180ºC)

-decrease in tensile strength (%), max

ISO 188


-decrease in elongation at break (%), max

ISO 188


-hardness increase ºSh A, max

ISO 188


Additional Information

Resistance to No
Insertion Req No
Material No
Shore Hardness +/- 5º No
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