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Zotek N Foam

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Zotek N Foam

Item Code: zotek-n-foam-new

Availability: In stock

Product Description

Genuine Zotek N foam is a material with excellent lightweight and durability properties, which makes it highly desirable for use in a wide range of demanding applications. It is a closed cell, cross-linked material that is based on the polymer Polyamide (Nylon). We are able to product this product in a variety of densities and formats in order to match your unique requirements.

Key Features:

Can be washed, disinfected and wiped clean

High temperature resistance

Excellent durability

Recovers from repeated impacts

Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels

Easily shaped, cut and bonded to other materials

Non-toxic, odourless, buoyant and non-absorbent

Very good thermal insulator

Minimal thermal shrinkage

Weatherproof with good ultraviolet stability

Additional Information

Colour No
Width 2m
Length 1m
Resistance to No
Thickness No
Insertion Req No
Material No
Shore Hardness +/- 5º No