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Weighbridge Profile 75 X 65 X 7.5 x 3000

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Weighbridge Profile 75 X 65 X 7.5 x 3000

Item Code: Coruweighbridge 75 X 65 X 7.5 x 3000

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Quick Overview

Rubber Polymere: High Quality SBR Rubber.

Operating Temperature Range: [-30...+70°C]

Resittance Properties: Air and Clean Water Resistant.


Width: 75mm

Height:  63mm

Length - 3m

Weight: 2.1kg per M


Characteristic`s  name                        Values                   Test method                                  

Hardness, °Shore A                                70±5                    ISO 7619/2001   

Tensile strength kgf/cm2, min                    50                   ISO 37/1997

Elongation at break, %, min                     250                  ISO 37/1997


Product Description

Weighbridge Rubber Profiles

Size: 75 X 65X 7.5 x 3000

Weight per m: 2.1kg

Weighbridge Rubber Description.

Weighbridges preform a key role in a wide range of industries and when they malfunction if can cause not only delays but also a potential loss in revenue. Our weighbridge rubber profiles provide a simple solution to preserve any weighbridge. It will ensure will give you more accurate results while also increasing the life expectancy of the weighbridge.

We manufacture all of our weighbridge profiles using high quality materials to ensure you get a product which is built to last. Our profiles are also easy to install, simply push the profile into the gaps on the top surface of the weighbridge. We don’t recommend installing these profiles using adhesive as it prevents you from cleaning and replacing the profiles.

Please refer to the weighbridge profile PDF for size and shape information regarding our most popular profiles. If you require a custom size or shape don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

Solid SBR Construction

We manufacture these weighbridge rubber profiles from a high quality solid SBR material due to the unique properties the material offers. Solid SBR is a highly resilient material. This enable it to withstand a wide range of impact and pressure, for long periods of time without deterioration which ensures that the product requires little to no maintenance. SBR also has a good operating temperature range, which enables use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Points:

  • Prevention of dirt, grit & grease build up
  • Preserve life of weighbridge
  • Made from High quality materials
  • Highly resilient
  • Smooth finish
  • Impact, pressure & dirt resistance


Although we offer Weighbridge Rubber sections from stock in the UK, if you require a bespoke size or manufacture in a differnt rubber compound such as Neoprene, Nitrile or EPDM, please get in contact as we are able to manufacture to order in a wide range of configurations.

Additional Information

Colour Black
Polymer SBR
Coil Length No