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Viton® & Fluoroelastomer

Made with genuine DuPont VITON A, Coruba supplies the highest quality Viton® and Fluoroelastomer rubber sheeting.

Renowned in the industry for its outstanding resistance in high-exposure applications where chemicals, acids, oils and petroleum products are present, this material’s performance is unparalleled at high temperatures. It offers a unique result that is not achievable with other compounds.

Viton® is characterised by exceptional properties, such as its high temperature resistance and its ability to withstand chemical attacks by fuels and acids - it maintains its efficiency in minimum temperatures of about -20°C and at maximum temperatures of around 275°C.

The black Viton® and Fluoroelastomer rubber sheeting is available in a range of 11 different thicknesses and sizes - ensuring convenience for customers, whatever the application. Competitively priced, it is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 12mm and can be provided in custom lengths when required.

For more information on this formidable product, please give us a call.

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Blue Metal Detectable FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Neoprene 65° Shore

Item Code: Coru168

£59.02 m2 + VAT

Coru149/75 Genuine DuPont VITON A

Item Code: Coru149/75

£87.21 m2 + VAT

Coru149/75-G Genuine DuPont VITON A

Item Code: Coru149/75-G

£87.21 m2 + VAT

6 Item(s)