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SBR (Styrene Butadiene)

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) is known for its exceptional resistance to abrasion and its extraordinary tensile strength that makes it very long lasting. This polymer is better than natural rubber when it comes to ageing and temperature resistance. SBR also has excellent mechanical properties and is often used for coating rubber sheets.

Aside from the good insulation and shock absorption qualities they provide, SBR sheets can also resist inorganic chemical products, tearing and the ozone. These sheets are ideal for automotive and construction industries.

Coruba offers a wide range of smoothly finished, SBR-based rubber sheeting products that come in different colours and dimensions. Their prices range from £3.10 to £17.88 per square metre. Call us on 01702 560194 for more details.

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Black Commercial Quality 1 ply insertion SBR 65° shore

Item Code: Coru120

£6.17 m2 + VAT

Black High Abrasion Grade 60° shore

Item Code: Coru152

£25.19 m2 + VAT

Black Premium Grade SBR 70° shore

Item Code: Coru123

£7.85 m2 + VAT

Black Premium Quality 1 ply Insertion SBR 70° shore

Item Code: Coru126

£8.98 m2 + VAT

Black SBR 40° shore

Item Code: Coru101

£24.91 m2 + VAT

Black SBR 50° shore

Item Code: Coru102

£15.94 m2 + VAT

Black SBR 70° shore

Item Code: Coru110

£2.85 m2 + VAT

Black Shotblast Natural Rubber 50° shore

Item Code: Coru1310

£8.19 m2 + VAT

Heavy Duty Black High Abrasion Grade 60° shore

Item Code: Coru152DB

£126.23 m2 + VAT

Metroload Fibre Reinforced Load Bearing Pads


£10.00 m2 + VAT

Metroscrape™ Multiply Fabric Reinforced Rubber

Item Code: Metroscrape

£12.00 m2 + VAT

RED High Quality SBR 70° shore

Item Code: Coru130

£11.71 m2 + VAT

White High Quality SBR 60° shore

Item Code: Coru130W

£17.88 m2 + VAT

13 Item(s)