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Fabric Reinforced Insertion

Insertion rubber sheeting assures greater tear-resistance and tensile strength over standard commercial rubber sheeting because it's manufactured from commercial rubber with a single-ply 22 gsm cloth reinforcement. Our insertion rubber sheeting in NR/SBR, Neoprene and Nitrile is hardwearing and suitable for many applications such as seals and gasket packing pieces.

Its durability makes it ideal for use in applications such as horsebox partitions or as skirts on the bottom of doors to prevent draughts, as it won't stretch or tear. Common applications for insertion rubber sheeting include vehicle mud flaps, work tops, toolbox tops, counters, gaskets and car boot mats.

Choose from black premium quality one-ply insertion, black medium commercial nitrile/SBR insertion, black commercial quality neoprene/SBR insertion, black NBR nitrile coated nylon diaphragm sheeting or black CR neoprene coated nylon diaphragm sheeting. Available in a range of thicknesses and lengths, this includes custom cuts to a minimum order.

Available in more than 50 grades, Coruba stocks a large range of high-quality rubber sheeting - a number of grades are RoSH, REACH and PAH compliant and carry the CE mark of quality. Our rubber sheeting products can be supplied in rolls, part rolls or cut to any size or shape that you require (subject to minimum orders).

Please contact us for professional advice on our full range of rubber sheeting products.


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6 Item(s)

Black Commercial Quality 1 ply insertion SBR 65° shore

Item Code: Coru120

£6.17 m2 + VAT

Black Commercial Quality Neoprene/SBR insertion 70° shore

Item Code: Coru139

£11.17 m2 + VAT

Black CR Neoprene Coated Nylon Diaphragm Sheeting

Item Code: Coru196CT

£32.40 m2 + VAT

Black Medium Commercial Nitrile/SBR Insertion 70° shore

Item Code: Coru135IS

£11.17 m2 + VAT

Black NBR Nitrile Coated Nylon Diaphragm Sheeting

Item Code: Coru195CT

£23.83 m2 + VAT

Black Premium Quality 1 ply Insertion SBR 70° shore

Item Code: Coru126

£8.98 m2 + VAT

6 Item(s)