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Shotblast & Wear Resistant

An abrasion-resistant grade which is extremely durable, shotblast black rubber sheeting is a natural rubber and styrene butadiene blend. It's commonly used for shot-blast cabinet lining, chute lining, skirting rubber, seals and scrapers.

Many construction applications and chute linings favour shotblast rubber sheeting for its long-wearing properties, superior abrasion resistance and high tensile properties that provide excellent tear strength.

Coruba stocks several variants of shotblast rubber sheeting: choose from black shotblast natural rubber, tan shotblast, tan para natural rubber, black high abrasion, black economy SBR skirting, red super abrasive resistant natural rubber, red natural rubber medium to high abrasion, black natural rubber to BS EN 1337/3, bridge bearing and white abrasive resistant FDA approved natural rubber sheeting.

The Coru138 abrasive-resistant, FDA-approved white natural rubber 38 shore is suitable for food and drink applications. The material specification is similar to 'Linatex' for high performance and long life in applications where abrasion resistance is important.

Our red natural rubber medium to high abrasion grade 45° shore is a polymeric sheeting commonly used for applications including conveyor skirts and wear strips, offering good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis.

Our shotblast rubber sheeting is available in a wide range of sizes and widths.

Please contact us for professional advice on our full range of rubber sheeting products.

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Black High Abrasion Grade 60° shore

Item Code: Coru152

£25.19 m2 + VAT

Black Natural Rubber to BS EN 1337/3 Bridge Bearing

Item Code: Coru241

£64.32 m2 + VAT

Black SBR skirting 60° shore

Item Code: Coru153

£29.07 m2 + VAT

Black Shotblast Natural Rubber 50° shore

Item Code: Coru1310

£8.19 m2 + VAT

Off-White Abrasive Resistant FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Natural Rubber Sheeting 38° Shore

Item Code: Coru138

£66.21 m2 + VAT

Red Natural Rubber Medium - High Abrasion Grade 45° shore

Item Code: Coru1320

£36.68 m2 + VAT

Red Super Abrasive Resistant Natural Rubber

Item Code: Coru155

£32.03 m2 + VAT

Tan Para Natural Rubber 40° shore

Item Code: Coru134

£20.59 m2 + VAT

Tan Shotblast Grade 45° shore

Item Code: Coru150

£10.15 m2 + VAT

9 Item(s)