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External, Weather & Ozone Resistant

Looking for External Weather and Ozone Resistant Rubber Sheeting? We stock a wide range of durable, high quality, weather resistant rubber sheets that are available in 50º to 70º shore - different sheet sizing options will ensure you find the right size and solution for your project.

Rubber Roofing Membrane

Our Black EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane is lightweight, long-lasting and highly resistant to ozone and weathering, making it perfect for waterproofing a wide variety of roofs in either a domestic or industrial setting. Highly flexible, this roofing membrane works well at temperatures of between -40ºC and +150ºC and has elongation properties of 300% at break.

We have Clear Flexible PVC Sheets and Curtain Strips that are resistant to oil, grease and fuel. Durable and weather resistant, they make ideal draught curtains, protective screens or kickboards.

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Black 100% High Grade EPDM Rubber 60° shore

Item Code: Coru1456

£12.29 m2 + VAT

Black EPDM (10% content) / SBR Rubber 70° shore

Item Code: Coru108

£7.26 m2 + VAT

Black EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane

Item Code: Coru146

Was: £13.19 m2 + VAT Now: £5.21 m2 + VAT

Black EPDM UL94-VO Flame Retardant Sheet 60° shore

Item Code: Coru176

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

Black High Temperature Butyl Rubber 65° shore

Item Code: Coru147

£18.63 m2 + VAT

Black High Temperature Hypalon® Rubber 65° shore

Item Code: Coru210

£26.07 m2 + VAT

Black Premium Soft Grade EPDM Rubber 50° shore

Item Code: Coru1454

£26.93 m2 + VAT

Flexible Clear PVC

Item Code: Coru250

£6.73 m2 + VAT

Flexible Clear PVC Curtain Strip

Item Code: Coru250-Strip

£16.99 m2 + VAT

Snow Plough Scraper Blade

Item Code: CoruBlades

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

WRAS Approved EPDM 70° shore for use with potable water up to 23°C | Approval Number 1701555| KTW Approved

Item Code: Coru177

£5.70 m2 + VAT

11 Item(s)