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Ballistic Rubber Sheeting

Ballistic rubber sheeting is commonly used by shooting ranges to increase safety, as it reduces bullet fragmentation and ricochet. This is possible due to the ballistic rubber's elasticity, which enables the bullet to be "caught" and slowed down significantly as it passes through the sheet.

Subsequently, when the bullet hits the projectile-stopping material (such as steel) and lands in the containment area, this enables an easier clean-up process. The hole in the rubber sheeting almost fully closes after the bullet passes through, allowing it to be reused, increasing cost-effectiveness.

Coruba stocks several ballistic rubber sheeting products, including Coru155. Similar to Linatex, this superb product offers durability, longevity, high performance, excellent abrasion resistance and elasticity.

Certified to British Standard BS1154 Z40, Coru230 is a high-quality, black, natural rubber sheeting, commonly requested by the military, government bodies and construction companies, due to its high tensile and abrasion-resistant qualities.

Coru138 is an EU 1935/2004-certified, FDA 21 CFR177-2600 approved, exceptional rubber sheeting product that offers high wear and abrasion-resistance and is similar to Linatex in terms of its longevity and high performance.

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Black Natural Rubber to BS1154 Z40

Item Code: Coru230

£35.52 m2 + VAT

Firing Range/Target Backing Rubber Sheeting

Item Code: Coru155-firing

£32.03 m2 + VAT

Red Super Abrasive Resistant Natural Rubber

Item Code: Coru155

£32.03 m2 + VAT

White Abrasive Resistant FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Natural Rubber Sheeting 38° Shore

Item Code: Coru138

£66.21 m2 + VAT

4 Item(s)