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Wet Area / Pool Matting

To prevent accidents from occurring around the poolside, bathroom or shower area, pool matting is the appropriate matting option to employ. Also ideal for use as boat deck matting, it may also be utilised in other wet areas, where non slip wet area matting is required

With its anti-slip property, pool and deck matting is used as a foot platform in wet areas to promote safety. Wet Area matting is durable, with a drainage property that repels surface water or liquid. These mats are easy to clean and completely hygienic, making them ideal around swimming pools, etc.

For more information, contact us here. You may want to check out our other products like stable matting, rubber gaskets, rubber gym mats and many more.

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Lattice' PVC Runner Matting

Lattice' PVC Runner Matting

Item Code: Coru668

£15.74 m2 + VAT
Loopex PVC Entrance  Matting - UNBACKED

Loopex PVC Entrance Matting - UNBACKED

Item Code: Coru669-UNBACKED

£50.80 m2 + VAT
Open Grid' High Quality PVC Grid Matting

Open Grid' High Quality PVC Grid Matting

Item Code: Coru531

£93.63 m2 + VAT

3 Item(s)

Wet Area / Pool Matting

Minimal Price: £ 15.74 15.74