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Rubber Crumb Matting

Coru595 Black Crumb Rubber 55°shore is a tough and durable rubber matting widely used within the commercial and construction sectors. It is also used in settings such as playgrounds, fitness centres as underlay for the purpose of sound and heat insulation. This versatile product can also be used to protect walls and surface in stables, horseboxes, and animal transporters.

Rubber crumb matting is supplied in rolls or can be cut to size or specific shapes to your own design cut using standard press-tools and is available in 3mm to 20mm sizes, according to preference and stock availability. A specific thickness can be made to special order.


Lightweight and durable, our rubber crumb matting has an attractive finish, and with excellent insulation benefits and reliable sound proofing properties, it is the perfect solution in a multitude of applications.

Bespoke Rubber Crumb Matting

Our made to order rubber crumb mat service allows you to choose from different grades, colours and finishes, subject to minimum quantities only.

Advantages Afforded by Rubber Crumb Matting

With absorbing membranes that can reduce the cracking of its elastic properties, it has a protective layer and can also be used as underlay.

  • Non-slip protection
  • Dust reduction
  • Odour absorption
  • Good thermal bedding
  • Conforms to regulations
  • Fire rated (grade dependent)
  • Heat loss limiting
  • Sound insulation
  • Tough and durable
  • Eco friendly

Contact us on 01702 560194 for orders and enquiries. A member of our informed team can also advise you on our custom solutions.


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Black Crumb Rubber Insulation/Protection Matting

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