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Stable Mats

Coruba stocks a large selection of stable mats in many sizes and designs, to suit every budget. Providing durable raised studs and excellent anti-slip properties, our stable saver economy rubber studded stable mats are the best value on the market.

EVA stable mats comprise 6ft x 4ft linkable lightweight mats in thicknesses of 24mm or 34mm, giving the ultimate cushioned protection for horses and livestock.

If you're looking for easy-to-clean, heavy-duty rubber, Coruba's amoebic bark moulded rubber stable mats are the perfect choice.

Other options include our extra heavy-duty, linkable, horse, cow and other animal bed mats, featuring a non-slip finish, excellent insulation properties and extra cushioning. This hardwearing floor surface won't move once laid out.

Easy to clean, our hammered rubber stable mats are reversible for longer wear. They have an anti-slip cobbled design on one side and a wide ribbed pattern on the other to assist with drainage.

See our website for full details of our massive range of stable mats.


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Hammered Rubber Stable/Gym Mats

Item Code: Coru602

£40.66 + VAT

Amoebic Bark Moulded Rubber Stable Mats

Item Code: Coru604

Was: £40.66 + VAT Now: £28.00 + VAT

6 x Coru604 Stable Mats for £270.00! Inc VAT

Item Code: Deal 1 - 17mm x 6ft x 4ft

£225.00 + VAT

Amoebic Bark Moulded Rubber Stable Mats

Item Code: CORU604-2x1

£33.88 + VAT

Stable Saver Economy Rubber Studded Stable Mats-Black-10mm-1.2m-1.8m

Item Code: Coru600-Black-10mm-1.2m-1.8m

£28.00 + VAT

EVA Stable/Gym Mats 6ft x 4ft Linkable light weight EVA Mats 24mm or 34mm Thick

Item Code: Coru715

£42.00 + VAT

EasiSweep 6ftx4ft x 12mm Thick Stable Mats - Solid Rubber - Easy To Sweep

Item Code: CoruEasiSweep

£28.00 + VAT

KwikMat Ultra - 4ft x 3ft Super light weight Stable & Gym linkable EVA foam mats

Item Code: Coru715U

£16.35 + VAT

Flat Grid Connectable Rubber Mats

Item Code: Coru629

£22.10 + VAT

Cow Rubber Mat

Item Code: Coru620

Was: £49.50 + VAT Now: £47.00 + VAT

Economy Cow Rubber Mat

Item Code: Coru600

£39.93 + VAT

VersaTile Connectable Rubber Mats

Item Code: Coru607

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

Interlocking Solid Top Playground Mat

Item Code: Coru629-Playground

£22.10 + VAT

13 Item(s)