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Side Wall Protection

Side wall protection in horseboxes or trucks plays an important part in the comfort and safety of the animals, while it can also help to prevent damage to the trailer.

Coruba's black crumb rubber 55° shore (a tough and durable rubber) is available in standard roll sizes or it can be cut to suit specific size requirements. It comes in various thicknesses, from 3mm to heavy-duty 20mm. Other finishes, grades and colours are available to order.

We also stock high impact wall protection EVA foam sheeting, which benefits from heavy density, foam cushioned construction and a patterned, matt black finish. Providing sound insulation and low-temperature insulation, the foam sheets are designed to protect walls from impacts.

The material has a cross-hatched pattern and is designed to be dense, durable and light.


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Black Crumb Rubber Insulation/Protection Matting

Item Code: Coru595-S

£14.72 m2 + VAT

High Impact Wall Protection EVA Foam Sheet

Item Code: Coru714

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