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Ramp Mats

An important part of animal transportation (whether horses or livestock) is getting them safely in and out of the horsebox or truck. Our ramp mats will help keep the animals safe from slipping as they mount the ramp.

Animal transporter ramp mats are available in a large sheet size and feature a unique dual ridged pattern. They are produced from high-quality rubber, with high-raised solid strips and a fluted-pattern base, providing a safe surface. To assist the animals walking up the ramp, rubber chocks are added at 250mm intervals.

The Griptop animal transporter matting for ramps is available in rolls with 1-ply reinforced backing and comes in 1.2m or 1.5m widths. It is the latest hardwearing and durable alternative for animal transporter ramps, as you won't need the wooden or rubber chocks.

Choose our animal transporter ramp mats for complete peace of mind, even in wet weather.


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Animal Transporter Ramp Mats

Item Code: Coru675

£40.00 + VAT

Griptop Animal Transporter Matting for ramps in Rolls with 1ply Reinforced Backing

Item Code: Coru548-1ply

£21.00 m2 + VAT

2 Item(s)