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Field/Washdown Mats

Coruba's field and wash down mats are suitable for use in stable wash down areas and other heavy-duty environments, where dirt and water are prevalent. The mats' durability makes them an ideal choice for areas where floor protection is crucial.

Our ground stabilisation mats have excellent drainage properties, high impact resistance and an anti-slip finish. This high-quality moulded rubber mat is suitable for all horse and animal wash down areas.

With large holes and a recessed studded back that enables liquids and waste matter to drain away quickly, these mats can also be used in muddy areas of fields to stabilise the surface.

Our robust drainage utility open ring matting is extra wide and hardwearing, with good non-slip characteristics, good impact resistance and anti-creep design. It is available in extra wide widths and lengths.

Used extensively for animal transportation in horse boxes and livestock vehicles, and in veterinary surgeries, dog kennels and animal training areas, this matting can also be utilised in wet areas and around pools for humans and animals, thanks to its excellent drainage design, which also provides a cushioned floor surface.


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Ground Stabilisation and Play Area Mats

Item Code: Coru625

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Moulded Footbath / Well Mats

Item Code: Coru695

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Robust Drainage Utility Open Ring Matting - Extra Wide & Hard Wearing

Item Code: Coru549U

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