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Grass Mats

Suitable for many applications; we specialise in high-quality grass mats and a wide range of ground protection flooring.

We manufacture all our rubber grass matting to the same high specifications, enabling us to continually deliver a product that adheres to strict quality standards. A perfect solution in many different scenarios, our grass mats will continue to serve their purpose for years.

Whether you need lawn protection or a safe playground surface; Coruba's rubber grass matting is a reliable solution.

Ground protection

Our hard-wearing ground protection matting is excellent for use in areas of heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, such as at large-scale field events, or in overflow car parks.

As the name suggests; these durable ground protection mats provide protection in all high traffic areas, offering multiple qualities such as drainage, slip-resistant walkway protection, insulation, or sound deadening on concrete surfaces.

Mud control and mats

Ideal for riding arenas, muddy paddocks, car parks and pathways; mud control mats are the ideal solution to prevent ground erosion. Featuring excellent water drainage properties through the surface, an interlocking design creates a self-supporting structure with a non-slip surface.

Grass protection

Grass protection matting is designed to protect and reinforce grassed areas used by vehicles and pedestrians. Slip-resistant, it keeps hazards to a minimum, preventing rutting, and wear and tear caused by cars and people. An affordable, fast solution for residential or industrial projects alike, it can be installed directly on top of the grass surface.

For more information, our friendly team is on hand to suggest the grass mats and ground protection mats best suited to your exact requirements. Give us a call for a no-obligation chat.


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Flat Grid Connectable Rubber Mats

Item Code: Coru629

£22.10 + VAT

Gateway Mats

Item Code: Coru-GM

£17.85 + VAT

Ground Stabilisation and Play Area Mats

Item Code: Coru625

£17.85 + VAT

Hollow Flat Ring' Connectable Rubber Grid Mats

Item Code: Coru630

£14.99 + VAT

Interlocking Solid Top Playground Mat

Item Code: Coru629-Playground

£22.10 + VAT

Plastic Barbed Mat Anchoring Pegs

Item Code: Coru625P

£0.10 + VAT

Playground Safety Grass Mats

Item Code: Coru-PSGM

£17.85 + VAT

Robust Drainage Utility Open Ring Matting - Extra Wide & Hard Wearing

Item Code: Coru549U

£48.43 m2 + VAT

Rubber Grass Mats

Item Code: Coru-RGM

£17.85 + VAT

9 Item(s)