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Entrance Matting

Entrance matting has been designed and manufactured to protect your entrance from fine and coarse dirt and moisture. For both indoor and outdoor use, they are robust and hard wearing. Entrance matting also adds to the beauty, style, security and sanitation of its surroundings.

Coruba brings you a wide range of high quality entrance matting for your office or business. Coruba’s entrance matting is available in different sizes, colours and shapes. The Coru375 Moisture Master Rubber Backed and Edged Carpet Mat is one of the hardest wearing door mats offered by Coruba, with a rubber case and edges for internal and external use.

As one of the leading suppliers of rubber matting in the UK, you can rest assured that Coruba provides high quality rubber products such as entrance matting, rubber sheeting and many more.

For more information about our rubber products, contact us!

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BubbleTop Anti-Fatigue Workstation Mats

Item Code: Coru639

£11.42 + VAT

Coconut Coir Scraper Entrance Matting

1m wide and up to 10m long

Item Code: Coru860

£13.92 m2 + VAT

Iron Look Victorian Rectangular Mat

Item Code: Coru750-rectangle-pattern

Was: £7.58 + VAT Now: £6.99 + VAT

Iron Look Victorian Rounded Mat

Item Code: Coru750

£5.29 + VAT

Loopex PVC Entrance Matting - BACKED

Item Code: Coru669-BACKED

£65.76 m2 + VAT

Loopex PVC Entrance Matting - UNBACKED

Item Code: Coru669-UNBACKED

£50.80 m2 + VAT

Pinscrape Rubber Finger Mats

Item Code: Coru660

£5.27 + VAT

7 Item(s)