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Economy General Purpose

As its name suggests, general purpose rubber matting is functional in various settings and for different purposes. General purpose mats can be used for decorative purposes, for safety reasons, for productivity and for many other creative agendas. Since it is serviceable in numerous environments, general purpose rubber matting possesses non slip attributes and is durable and resilient.


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Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting up to 2 metres wide

Item Code: Coru540

£12.00 m2 + VAT

Checker Plate Rubber Matting Five Bar

Item Code: Coru545-5

£9.55 m2 + VAT

Checker Plate Rubber Matting Single Bar

Item Code: Coru545-1

£9.59 m2 + VAT

Circular Stud Coin Pattern Rubber Matting

Item Code: Coru599

£18.29 m2 + VAT

Diamond Pattern' Rubber Runner Matting

Item Code: Coru596

£11.93 m2 + VAT

Fine Ribbed [Corrugated] Rubber Runner Matting 3mm - 10mm thick available

Item Code: Coru500

£6.44 m2 + VAT

Flame Retardent ‘Rhombus’ Rubber Matting

Item Code: Coru591-FR

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

Flat Fluted (castellated) Rubber Runner Matting

Item Code: Coru520

£10.73 m2 + VAT

Floorline Multi-Purpose Matting

Item Code: floorline

£32.81 m2 + VAT

Grade Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting

Item Code: Coru540E

£8.60 m2 + VAT

Heronair Slip Resistant Matting

Item Code: heronair

£39.28 m2 + VAT

Orange Peel Rubber Runner Matting. 3mm thick in 10m x 1.2m Rolls or cut lengths

Item Code: Coru546

£8.16 m2 + VAT

Pyramid Plate Non Slip Rubber Runner Matting

Item Code: Coru597

£11.93 m2 + VAT

Rhombus' Diamond Rubber Matting

Item Code: Coru591

£15.71 m2 + VAT

Rope Affect' Rubber Runner Matting

Item Code: Coru598

£9.45 m2 + VAT

Small Dot Rubber Matting

Item Code: Coru593

Was: £9.32 m2 + VAT Now: £6.49 m2 + VAT

16 Item(s)