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Disinfectant Matting

Coruba's rubber disinfectant matting is suitable for environments involving medical and laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, food and drink.

Thousands of flexible rubber protrusions on the mat dislodge contaminants from people's feet, using an automatic scrubbing action, as traffic passes. The rubber tips bend under the pressure, covering the soles of the shoes in a disinfectant solution. This prevents contamination from reaching food processing, laboratory and pharmaceutical areas.

After pouring disinfectant into the matting, which is held in place by the deep, well-like matting that works like a "dam", when this is stepped on, the rubber protrusions bend down, dipping the shoe's sole into the disinfectant and effectively eliminating contamination of the protected area from the outside world.

As well as scraping dust, dirt and other materials from the soles, the disinfectant mat has a grooved pattern on the reverse, minimising movement and providing anti-slip properties. The rubber is highly durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas, such as walkways and entrances.

Conveniently sized to fit most doorways, Coruba's Coru695 has an 18mm deep well for excellent disinfectant fluid retention. As well as being commonly used in walkways and entrances, it can also be used for the hygienic storage of leaky refuse sacks before disposal.

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