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Cable Matting

Cable matting provides protection for cables against physical damage, moisture and thermal shock. There are two data cable matting solutions: one protects cable baskets and trunking, while floor matting will protect cables that are laid under suspended floors.

Made from flexible closed cell, elastomeric, thermal insulation material, our cable matting can be cut on-site to provide a solution for varying paths to ensure the cables don't become snagged, damaged through uneven floor levels, or caught on any pressure points. It protects them from moisture, including flooding that may come up through the concrete floor - the closed cell construction prevents chemical or moisture penetration from the concrete substance.

Available in 10-metre rolls, and in a selection of widths and thicknesses from 6mm to 25mm, cable matting enables you to install an easy, cost-effective cable pathway.

Easy to trim, it provides a bespoke solution for your particular requirements. Class ‘0’ fire rated, our matting meets British building regulations and has the best fire performance results, compliant with BS 476 Part 6 1989.


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CableBed - BS476 Class 0 Data Cable Basket Matting | 6mm Thick

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CableBed - BS476 Class 0 Data Cable Floor Matting 13mm Thick

Item Code: CableBed -flooring

£30.14 + VAT

2 Item(s)