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Ballistic Rubber Matting

Commonly requested by government bodies, military organisations and construction groups, it’s a popular choice for use on shooting ranges for the armed forces, police and civilians, where small arms and ammunition are used - it can help prevent ricochets and lead splash-backs.

Tactical shooting ranges, training pits, bullet containment systems and rappel towers commonly use ballistic rubber because it’s resilient, shock-absorbent and non-toxic. Providing a responsible and cutting-edge military solution, it is chosen for its sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

It can also be installed on walls, ceilings, floors and baffles, which collectively are helpful in noise attenuation. 


Coruba's range includes:

• Coru155 super red abrasive-resistant natural rubber, which has specifications similar to Linatex for high performance and longevity.

• Coru230 black natural rubber, compliant to British Standard BS1154 Z40, which is often used by the government, the armed forces and the construction industry.

• Coru138 abrasive-resistant FDA-approved white natural rubber, 38 shore, which is a truly exceptional material that is EU 1935/2004 and USP Class VI compliant. 


Contact us on 01702 811 628 or email info@coruba.co.uk for further information on our ballistic rubber products.

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Black Natural Rubber to BS1154 Z40

Item Code: Coru230

£35.52 m2 + VAT

Off-White Abrasive Resistant FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Natural Rubber Sheeting 38° Shore

Item Code: Coru138

£66.21 m2 + VAT

Red Super Abrasive Resistant Natural Rubber

Item Code: Coru155

£32.03 m2 + VAT

3 Item(s)