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Our range of anti-static rubber matting products allows you to achieve a professional looking, non-slip floor that is hygienic and easy-to-clean.

Available in black, blue, green, grey or red, the VeeGrip PVC Easy Link Drainage Tile, Tile Edges and Tile Corner Edges have tapered edges and corners that connect for easy installation. Promoting drainage and the dispersal of liquid and debris, our drainage tiles are highly durable and weather resistant. With good resistance to oil, grease and fuel, they are the ideal flooring solution for garages, workshops and environments that are likely to become wet, such as bar areas.

Anti-static Sheets and Matting

Compliant with British Standards BS490 and ISO340, we also manufacture Black Neoprene Anti-Static and Flame Retardant Sheets - the CushStat PVC Anti-Static Foam Matting absorbs static electricity in office/workplace environments, commercial or residential applications.


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Black Neoprene Anti Static BS490 & Flame Retardant ISO340 Sheet 60° shore

Item Code: SM187

£21.56 m2 + VAT

CushStat PVC Anti Static Foam Matting

Item Code: SM825

£43.47 m2 + VAT

2 Item(s)