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Safety Mats

Accidents will happen and almost anywhere. Occurring in work places, activity areas and even inside your home, the most common accidents involve slipping or sliding.

To promote safety, rubber safety mats are a godsend. Since they are made of rubber, the unquestionable anti-slip benefits are especially useful in wet conditions.

Not only are they useful to ensure safety in the work place, rubber mats can also safeguard your business from potential legal actions as a result of slips and falls.

To learn more about Coruba rubber matting products, please call +44(0)1702 811 631

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17mm Linkable Gym | Stable | Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats

Item Code: Coru629

£22.10 + VAT

3 Square Anti Fatigue Bevelled Edge Mat - Drainage Type

Item Code: Coru638

£17.00 + VAT

Amoebic Gym Crossfit Linkable Rubber Mats

Item Code: Coru614

£24.50 + VAT

Amoebic Linkable Rubber Mats 12mm, 17mm

Item Code: Coru6102

£29.84 + VAT

BubbleTop Anti-Fatigue Workstation Mats

Item Code: Coru639

£11.42 + VAT

Checker Plate Connectable Rubber Safety Mats

Item Code: Coru6104

£25.78 + VAT

Coru-Chex - 16 pack

Item Code: Coru-Chex

£109.04 + VAT

Green Interlocking EVA Foam Mats

Item Code: Coru718

£6.25 + VAT

KwikPlay Interlocking Exercise / Gym Mats

Item Code: Coru716

Was: £7.99 + VAT Now: £5.50 + VAT

Moulded Footbath / Well Mats

Item Code: Coru695

£24.65 + VAT

Multi-Coloured PVC Linkable Tiles - Pebble Design

Item Code: Coru6604

£5.99 + VAT

Multi-Coloured PVC Penny Coin Linkable Tiles

Item Code: Coru6599

Was: £7.38 + VAT Now: £4.00 + VAT

Pinscrape Rubber Finger Mats

Item Code: Coru660

£5.27 + VAT

Professional Heavy Duty Rubber Dart Mat

Item Code: CoruDart

£29.50 + VAT

PVC linkable safety Edges for Coru6604 Tiles

Item Code: Coru6604E

£5.99 + VAT

Studded Moulded Rubber Stable Mats

Item Code: Coru600

£33.00 + VAT

Items 1 to 16 of 24 total

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