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Door Mats

Rubber matting is ideal for doorsteps – for safety, cleanliness or for decorative purposes. By helping to remove and trap dirt, one of the best mats for this purpose is the ‘Aquamaster Vinyl Backed and Edged Carpet Mats’ that can absorb up to 2.8kgs of water per square metre.

Door mats have a vital part to play in avoiding injuries, by helping to prevent accidents caused by slipping and the loss of balance. There are also resiliently and attractively designed examples like the ‘Iron Look Victorian mats’ that are perfect for embellishing your doorstep.

Coruba offers different kinds of rubber door mats, with prices ranging from £4.99 to £44.50 per square metre. Purchase in bulk and enjoy great discounts.

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3 Square Anti Fatigue Bevelled Edge Mat - Drainage Type

Item Code: Coru638

£17.00 + VAT

BubbleTop Anti-Fatigue Workstation Mats

Item Code: Coru639

£11.42 + VAT

Iron Look Victorian Rectangular Mat

Item Code: Coru750-rectangle-pattern

Was: £7.58 + VAT Now: £6.99 + VAT

Iron Look Victorian Rounded Mat

Item Code: Coru750

£5.29 + VAT

Pinscrape Rubber Finger Mats

Item Code: Coru660

£5.27 + VAT

Swarf Catching Workstation Mats - Ramped Edge

Item Code: Coru635

£22.10 + VAT

6 Item(s)