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Snow Plough Scraper Rubber

Snow Plough Rubber Blade

Coruba manufactures and stocks high-quality snow plough blades in rubber and Polyurethane options. Available in bespoke sizes that can be customised to the customer's exact specifications, our wide range of snow plough rubber and slurry scraper blades in non-standard sizes are manufactured in our own factory by our highly skilled team.

With unrivalled experience, we use only the best materials in our manufacturing processes – we use rubbers and Polyurethanes grades that are ideally suited for use in all snow plough and slurry scraping applications.

We can supply protective rubber edges to any width and thickness, to match customers' exact requirements. What’s more, our rubber snow plough blades can be tailored to include pre-cut slots or bolt-holes for easier fixing.

When surfaces are covered with snow, obstacles lying underneath can't be seen until the snow has been cleared, so it's vital to the metal plough's durability to add a more yielding finish to the edges – rubber will mould with the road's surface and stop the metal scraping against the concrete, which can shorten the plough's lifespan.

Any hidden obstacles in your path - such as cat's eyes, man-hole covers, 'sleeping policemen' or speed humps, potholes and rumble strips - could potentially damage the metal plough. Having a rubber blade that protrudes at the edge of the plough permits the metal to sit just above the surface of the road, creating a safer and cleaner means of clearing the snow.

We can provide snow plough rubber and slurry scraper blades to clear not only road surfaces - such as for local authority and council use, to clear snow from public highways - but also for a multitude of other industrial applications in various sectors.

They can be used to clear snow from school playgrounds and entrances, and at shopping centres to create safer entrances and car parking areas. Public transport systems are reliant on snow ploughs for clearing airport runways, entrances and car parks, while ploughs are often fitted to the front of trains to remove snow from the tracks to keep railways running efficiently in snowy conditions.

As well as snow plough blades, we can also assist the agricultural industry by providing rubber edging strips for heavy plant and farm machinery. Our rubber edging strips can be used as tractor edge protectors, for slurry clearance mops and for combine harvesters.

Coruba stocks Coru152 and Coru152D rubber sheeting that assures effective abrasion-resistance and durable end results, thanks to its shore hardness of 60° and an ability to withstand temperatures of between -20°C and 70°C.

Our highly-skilled team will work with clients through the design stage, type approval and manufacture of custom-manufactured snow plough blades or scraping blades. Contact us for more information.


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Black High Abrasion Grade 60° shore

Item Code: Coru152

£25.19 m2 + VAT

Metroload Fibre Reinforced Load Bearing Pads


£10.00 m2 + VAT

Metroscrape™ Multiply Fabric Reinforced Masticated Rubber

Item Code: Metroscrape

£12.00 m2 + VAT

Snow Plough Scraper Blade

Item Code: CoruBlades

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

4 Item(s)