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Rubber Cork

Coruba stocks a range of rubber cork sheets suitable for various industrial applications. Our Neoprene/Nitrile bonded cork jointing sheet is ideal for tough applications including transformer, automotive and industrial gaskets.

It offers excellent resistance to transformer oils and fuels and with high resilience, flexibility and compression characteristics, it is suitable for use in a large temperature range, from a minimum of -30°C to a maximum of 120°C.

With main application areas including automotive, industrial gasket, sealing and more, our Nitrile/SBR bonded cork provides high compressibility, flexibility and resilience.

As a general purpose bonded cork sheet, it can be used in a range of temperatures, from a minimum of -30°C to a maximum of 100°C. Highly durable, low maintenance and resilient, it provides flexibility and demonstrates compression characteristics.

Please contact us for further details of our top-rated rubber cork sheets, available in many different sizes and thicknesses.


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Neoprene / Nitrile Bonded Cork Transformer Grade IS-4253 PART II 1988 - ASTM F104

Item Code: Coru353/1120

£9.59 m2 + VAT

Nitrile Bonded Cork to ASTM F-104-93-F229000

Item Code: Coru352

£4.81 m2 + VAT

2 Item(s)