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PVC Matting

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) matting is an attractive, vibrant and hardwearing alternative to rubber matting; it is a popular flooring option for homes and business. Utilised over a wide range of applications including kitchens, communal areas and walkways, factories, garages and workshops it is also ideal for external use.

The unique compound makes it suitable for a multitude of environments: it is also often called upon to deal with conditions that are not ideally suited to rubber matting.

Why PVC Matting?

PVC stands head and shoulders over other flooring materials because of its distinct characteristics:


Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, its hardwearing properties make it resistant to moisture, chemicals, weathering, abrasion and shock.

With proper installation and maintenance, PVC matting can last for over 20 years.


Today’s PVC matting is available in various functional styles - colour and design choices are great for outlining safety zones and walkways.

Some textures and finishes also add traction and have excellent grip qualities.


Due to a padded layer, our PVC anti-fatigue matting can withstand heavy footfall while also providing underfoot cushioning.

With good impact and noise absorption benefits, it is perfect for people who are living with kids or the elderly.


Despite its high-end appearance, PVC matting usually costs less than other flooring alternatives. There is also little to no maintenance required but the best part of it all…? PVC matting is easy to install.


Coruba offers a full range of PVC matting available in different colours, patterns, textures and sizes. If you would like to know more about our PVC products, please contact 01702 560194 or email us at info@coruba.co.uk.

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Bark Finish PVC Foam Anti Fatigue Matting

Item Code: Coru410

£30.00 m2 + VAT

Big Button Pattern PVC Matting

Item Code: Coru564

£11.93 m2 + VAT

Checker Plate Pattern' PVC Matting

Item Code: Coru565

£11.93 m2 + VAT

Checker Trax Foamed PVC Anti-Fatigue Matting -CORU479

Item Code: Coru479

£92.14 m2 + VAT

Circular Stud Pattern' PVC Matting

Item Code: Coru561

£33.80 m2 + VAT

Crossgrip Roof Matting

Item Code: crossgrip

£54.37 m2 + VAT As low as: £48.93 + VAT m2 + VAT

CushStat PVC Anti Static Foam Matting

Item Code: SM825

£43.47 m2 + VAT

Diamond Finish PVC Foam Anti-Fatigue Matting - Coru412

Item Code: Coru412

£32.09 m2 + VAT

Diamond Plate' High Quality Checker Pattern PVC Runner Matting - NOW REDUCED

Item Code: Coru737

Was: £45.08 m2 + VAT Now: £19.50 m2 + VAT

ER22 Plain NBR/PVC Sponge Sheet

Item Code: CoruER22

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

ER40 - EPDM / Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

Item Code: CoruER40

Please call 01702 560194 to buy this product.

Floorline Multi-Purpose Matting

Item Code: floorline

£32.81 m2 + VAT

Grip Flute' PVC Reversible Runner Matting

Item Code: Coru667

£15.74 m2 + VAT

Grip Liner' PVC Membrane Matting

Item Code: Coru667GL

£10.02 m2 + VAT

Heronair Slip Resistant Matting

Item Code: heronair

£39.28 m2 + VAT

Heronrib Pool & Wet Area Matting

Item Code: Coru532 Heronrib

£44.64 m2 + VAT

Items 1 to 16 of 32 total

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