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Protective Sheets

As talk of returning to work begins, the government is planning to put new safety measures in place to reassure employees they will be protected from the COVID-19 virus. More businesses are going to be re-opening and they will require protective screens to be put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.

Commonly used in the NHS, shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and any other business or organisation where people come in contact with each other, flexible vinyl films, strips and panels are used to make transparent protective screens for applications such as counters, stretcher protection, isolation chambers and even protective visors.

Easy to clean, the protective sheets are used as a barrier to stop potentially harmful droplets from being spread between people. This solution can protect all workers who have face-to-face contact with the public, helping to reduce the spread of viruses.

We offer a range of kits that enable quick and easy installation, resulting in less downtime for users and a highly durable solution that limits the risk of contamination.


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CoruGlass Clear Vinyl

Item Code: CoruGlass Clear

£3.12 m2 + VAT

CoruGlass Clear Vinyl | Flame Retardant to DIN53382/DIN4102 B2

Item Code: CoruGlass

£3.12 m2 + VAT


Item Code: CoruWeldKit

£51.30 + VAT

Polar Low Temperature Flexible Clear PVC

Item Code: CoruPolar

£610.69 + VAT

Super Polar Low Temperature Flexible Clear PVC Strips

Item Code: CoruSuperPolar

£42.05 + VAT

5 Item(s)