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Clear PVC Sheets & Curtain Strips

Known for their resilience and highly durable nature, PVC products are a common sight in industrial environments. Often the preferred alternative for businesses in search of a cost-effective method of separation, weather resistance and temperature maintenance, Coruba offers this flexible sheeting solution in two forms: clear PVC sheets and clear PVC curtain strips.

Clear PVC Sheets

Clear and flexible, this PVC sheet is frequently mistaken for plastic due to its clarity. Oil, grease, fuel and weather resistant, it is the ideal choice for protective screens, draught curtains and kickboard panels.

Clear PVC Curtain Strips

PVC curtain strips are primarily designed for industries where retaining cold air or reducing heat loss is essential. Easy to install, maintain and replace they are suitable for different working environments. PVC curtain strips can also be great noise bafflers; helping minimise the outside noise and keeping the atmosphere more focused and concentrated inside.

Our PVC curtain strips come in 300-mm wide x 3-mm thick size, reaching up to 50-m in choice of coils or in cut lengths.

If you have any further questions regarding our PVC products, please call 01702 560194 or email us at info@coruba.co.uk.

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Flexible Clear PVC

Item Code: Coru250

£6.73 m2 + VAT

Flexible Clear PVC Curtain Strip

Item Code: Coru250-Strip

£16.99 m2 + VAT

Polar Low Temperature Flexible Clear PVC

Item Code: CoruPolar

£610.69 + VAT

Super Polar Low Temperature Flexible Clear PVC Strips

Item Code: CoruSuperPolar

£42.05 + VAT

4 Item(s)