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PVC Products

Clear PVC Sheeting

Flexible clear PVC sheeting materials have excellent oil, fuel and grease resistance. Commonly used for protection screens, draught curtains and kick board panels due to its durability and resilient compound. If you are looking for Clear PVC Curtain Strip, then we stock this in the common 300mm wide x 3mm thick size in up to 50m Coils or in cut lengths.

N.B. All Matting and Sheeting products can be cut to your bespoke design at our own fabrication facility. Please email us a drawing and quantities required and we will prepare a quotation. 

PVC Matting

PVC matting is an attractive, vibrant, and hard wearing alternative to rubber matting. Due to its unique compound PVC matting is suited to a multitude of environments and is often called upon to deal with environments the rubber matting wouldn't be suited.

Ideal for short or long term use PVC matting is commonly found in the following locations:

Food Preparation areas - due to its hygienic, easy clean & non-toxic compound. 

Communal areas and Walkways - highly vibrant and easily noticeable, PVC matting can outline safety zones and walking areas whilst providing excellent grip levels in a range of patterns. 

Factories, Garages and Workshops - PVC's unique compound makes it oil, grease, dirt and fuel resistant making it the best long term solution for any dirty environment requiring matting or protection. PVC also offers good floor to foot cold insulation properties thus helping to insulate and cut costs of the working environments. 

External outside use - The highly resistant and robust compound makes PVC matting a good weather resistant solution for use with outside applications where the elements aren't always kind to rubber matting thus degenerating the matting and requiring frequent replacement.