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Metal Detectable Silicone

Metal detectable silicone is an innovative product that provides a solution to the risks of contamination on production lines.

Rubber contamination poses a safety hazard, particularly in the food and drink, pharmaceutical and medical industries, where health and safety could be compromised if any particles inadvertently enter the end product during the manufacturing process.

Metal detectable silicone rubber sheeting is a food approved product and contains an additive that can be recognised by metal detector scanning equipment. As a result, rubber contamination in sensitive products can be identified quickly and easily.

This means the production process can be halted, with the contaminated products quarantined, so the particle source can be identified and rectified before resuming the production line. This not only prevents product contamination but also excess downtime, as it is a cost-effective and efficient means of identifying a problem.

Our metal detectable silicone rubber is suitable for numerous applications, such as metal detectable gaskets, joints, seals and strips. Manufactured from FDA-approved ingredients, it has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, ranging from -60°C to 200°C. It also has good electrical insulation properties, with shore hardness of 60°.

Our blue Coru1442 metal detectable FDA-approved silicone grade 60° shore comes in a choice of four thicknesses, ranging from 1.3mm to 6mm. It is available in a standard 10-metre length or in custom lengths. As one of our top rated products, metal detectable silicone is used globally as a safe, cost effective solution to contamination hazards.

Resistant to degradation from chemicals and environmental factors, it is ideal for use even in the most demanding environment. The commercial benefits for manufacturers are massive, as the risks of waste will be greatly reduced.

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Blue Metal Detectable FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Silicone Grade 60° Shore

Item Code: Coru1442

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