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Marine & Boat Products

Offering a wide range of high quality marine and boat products that are available in SBR and EPDM grades, Coruba provides PVC matting, rubber matting and rubber fenders that provide a high quality, long life solution for marine and boat applications.

SBR Grade

Styrene-butadiene comes from the synthetic rubber family. With good scratch resistance, SBR is harder and less rubbery compared to other grades; it contains similar properties to natural rubber.

EPDM Grade

Ethylene propylene diene monomer is a type of synthetic rubber that is recommended for outdoor and high temperature applications. Its features include:

  • Resistance to heat or any hot substances (applicable to extreme temperature conditions)
  • Resistance to alkalis, oxygenated solvents and acids

Benefits of our Marine and Boat Products 


The flat and hard surfaces of boats, ships and yachts can cause discomfort, tiredness or fatigue to those on board. Rubber matting can help to ease the pressure on the feet and ankles.


Rubber matting with an open ring design is suitable for boats because it provides the necessary drainage for excess water.


Rubber matting can help towards preventing unwanted accidents, especially slipping.

Damage Prevention

Rubber fenders protect boats from strong impacts when docking/berthing. They also prevent damage caused by accidental knocks from other vessels.


If you have any enquiries or any special size requirements that are not listed, please contact us on 01702 560194 for quotations. You can also email us at info@coruba.co.uk.