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Metroload Fibre Reinforced Load Bearing Pads

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Metroload Fibre Reinforced Load Bearing Pads


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  • Can be cut into custom-sized bearing pads.
  • Manufactured using recycled high quality tyres.
  • Superior tear resistance and durability.
  • Multiply Fabric Reinforced Rubber: 80° Shore.

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Quick Overview


METROLOAD Fibre Reinforced Load Bearing Pads are a sheet product created using 100% recycled high-quality tyres. The results Is an environmentally friendly product that is also economically viable. The rubber has increased internal strength due to the inclusion of internal fibre reinforcements dispersed throughout the material. Its strength and versatility makes it a common product for machinery, buildings, prestress concrete bridges and equipment foundations.



Bearing pads are versatile and can be used in such applications as vibration isolation railway tie pads, handrail bearing pads and is commonly used in bride bearing masonry. To learn more about this product or to answer any questions you may have, give us a call on +44(0)1702 811 951 or email us and discuss with one of our experts.



METROLOAD is made stronger with the inclusion of interior fibre reinforcements that can be found dispersed throughout the material. This unique process enhances the properties of the material. This includes tear resistance, durability, superior weather and ozone resistance as well as tensile and compression strength.


This product can also be cut into custom-sized load bearing pads for your ease of use. Please contact us for more details.

Data Graph

Note: The colours of each line represent thicknesses labelled in the key to the right of the graph.

Product Description

Physical Properties

Test Method

Specification of METROLOAD Bearing Pads

Tensile Strength, Min


750 PSI

Tear Strength, Min


150 PI

Elongation, %, Min



Hardness, Shore A

ASTM D2240

80 ± 5

Density (Relative)



Minimum Temperature

ASTM D2137


Maximum Temperature

ASTM D2137


Coefficient of Friction

ASTM D1894


Maximum Load (PSI)



Abrasion Resistance



Additional Information

Colour No
Resistance to No
Insertion Req No
Material No
Shore Hardness +/- 5º No
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