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With the recent opening of our 11,000 square foot, purpose built fabrication unit in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, Coruba is now even better placed to provide second-to-none fabrication services.

Our standard products, along with many others, can be fabricated and converted into your specific requirements utilising extensive machine and fabrication facilities.

The rubber fabrication process includes:

This involves cutting rubber sheets into thread form. With pneumatic cylinders that have a series of cutting discs, these produce precise cuts of rubber.

A technique used to manufacture rubber in multiple layers lamination produces a rubber compound of greater strength, stability, sound insulation and form.

Die Cutting
This process utilises a die machine to trim shear webs of rubber. The two types of die cutting are:

Kiss Cutting – can cut through one layer of laminate only.
Rotary Die Cutting – has a rotating blade that is used to produce thinner rubber.

Water Jet Cutting
Water jet cutting produces thick and complex rubber parts.

By pressing the water out of the rubber with a set of rollers or a complex system of gears and pulleys, the rubber is then stabilised and shaped so that it can be easily transported.

Rubber mats can be punch pressed according to client specifications to ensure that it has the precise size and number of holes required.

Linishing is a process used to create a perfect cylindrical shape; it can be employed to prepare the ends of rubber extrusions to make a closed ring.

Self-adhesive backings can also be applied to many materials in various grades and formats.

We would be happy to provide you with a competitive quotation for fabricated parts. Simply send an email to or fax: +44 (0)1702 560194. Please include a drawing along with material details and quantities, etc. Contact us for more information.