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Water & Wastewater Processing

The water industry relies heavily on high-quality products to stop contamination. With that in mind, Coruba provides a sheeting material that is WRAS and KTW approved, for use with potable water up to 23oC. This material can be used to manufacture rubber gaskets, seals or moulds to suit individual requirements.

Check out our other pages on gaskets and seals, and rubber moulding products to find out how we can help create bespoke products to suit your needs, from materials that include Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM, Cork, CNAF and more.

For use in wastewater processing applications, we also offer sheeting products with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance. Viton® (DuPont A or B) is the perfect choice for applications that require a supreme product, with superior resistance to a range of aggressions. DuPont B grade sheeting is also exceptional in extreme temperatures and has increased resistance to the A grade alternative.

For applications that do not require such high-quality resistance, we offer economically viable sheeting that is resistant to chemicals and abrasion.


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Black CR Neoprene Coated Nylon Diaphragm Sheeting

Item Code: Coru196CT

£32.40 m2 + VAT

Black High Temperature Hypalon® Rubber 65° shore

Item Code: Coru210

£26.07 m2 + VAT

Black Neoprene Anti Static BS490 & Flame Retardant ISO340 Sheet 60° shore

Item Code: SM187

£21.56 m2 + VAT

CNAF BS7531 Grade X (Compressed Non Asbestos Fibre)

Item Code: Coru301/N32

£4.90 m2 + VAT

Flexible Clear PVC Sheeting

Item Code: Coru250

£3.12 m2 + VAT

Red FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Silicone 60° Shore

Item Code: Coru14004

£16.91 m2 + VAT

Red Natural Rubber Medium - High Abrasion Grade 45° shore

Item Code: Coru1320

£36.68 m2 + VAT

Translucent FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant Silicone 60° Shore

Item Code: Coru14304

£16.91 m2 + VAT

White FDA Approved & EU1935/2004 Compliant EPDM Rubber 60° Shore

Item Code: Coru163

£20.20 m2 + VAT

WRAS Approved EPDM 70° shore for use with potable water up to 23°C | Approval Number 1701555| KTW Approved

Item Code: Coru177

£5.70 m2 + VAT

12 Item(s)