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Covid 19 - Social Distancing

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions being eased, the government's latest guidelines on social distancing advise people to stay alert, stay safe and save lives. New regulations were issued on 11th May, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the government was hoping to permit more people to return to work.

Any hazards to public health, as a result of the coronavirus, are being closely monitored - in particular, social distancing must be observed in all public places, where people must stand a minimum of 2m apart from one another at all times.

To avoid a second peak of COVID-19, businesses should take extra precautions in environments where customers need to queue, or where employees are required to stand to carry out their duties.

Coruba has introduced a range of special safety mats. Our CoruLine and CoruPath mats have 2m spaces clearly marked, so people can be sure they are standing at the correct distance from the person next to them.

Please contact us on 01702 560194 for more details of our social distancing mats.


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Broad-Ribbed Social Distancing Walkway Matting

Item Code: CoruTred

£265.00 + VAT

Flexible Clear PVC Sheeting

Item Code: Coru250

£3.12 m2 + VAT

Moulded Footbath / Well Mats

Item Code: Coru695

£24.65 + VAT

Open-Grid Diamond-Cut Pattern Social Distancing Walkway Mats

Item Code: CoruLine

£77.61 m2 + VAT

Open-Grid Pattern Social Distancing Walkway Mats

Item Code: CoruPath

£513.43 + VAT

5 Item(s)