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ER22 Plain NBR/PVC Sponge Sheet

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ER22 Plain NBR/PVC Sponge Sheet

Item Code: CoruER22

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  • Zero water vapor permeability and almost zero water
  • Good FR properties
  • ER22 NBR/PVC Sponge is CFC and HCFC free
  • No emissions of VOC

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Quick Overview

ER22 Plain NBR/PVC Sponge Sheet

Flexible closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation material for condensation control in air-conditioning, refrigeration and chilled water installations. It is also suitable for reducing thermal losses in heating and plumbing systems. The combination of its technical properties, a low thermal conducting and a high resistance to water vapor transmission and competitive price makes it a cost effective energy saving solution.

Fully Recyclable as the material is CFC and HCFC free.

Product Description



Roll SizeThickness Weight Per RollSpecificationsCompoundValues[typical]
30 x 1 6 10.13kg Polymer type: NBR / PVC Sponge
20 x 1 10.13kg Cellular Structure Closed Cell
14 x 1 13  10.24kg     
12 x 1  16  10.8kg    
10 x 1  19  10.69kg    
 8 x 1  25  11.25kg    


 SNO  Description  Test Methods  SPECIFICATION  Results
1 Cellular Structure   Closed Cell Closed Cell
2 Density (KG/M³) ASTM D1667 50-70 50 to 70 kg/m³

Thermal Conductivity




a @Mean Temp.9.36’C ASTM C518:2010 W/(m.K) 0.0328 W/(m.K)
b @ Mean Temp. 24.77°C ASTM C518:2010 W/(m.K) 0.0329 W(m.K)
c @ Mean Temp. 46.39°C ASTM C518:2010 W/(m.K) 0.0358 W(m.K)
d Temperature Limits °C ASTM C518:2010 -40°C to +105°C 98°C
4 Thermal Stability ASTM C534 4.5(7days°F@200 4.1
5 Fire Resistance Class O BS 476 Part 6 Pass
a   Class 1 BS 476 Part 7 Pass
6 Fire and Smoke properties AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 FSI 0-20;SDI 0-10 Pass
7 Water Absorption (% W/W) ASTM C209: 1998 3.85 3.7

Long term water Absorption by total
immersion method(28 days)

BSEN12087:1997   AvgWA(Vol%)=1.0
9 Water Vapor Permeability-Perms ASTM E96

0.1 perms-inch

10 Water Vapor DiffusionFactor(μ-value)

BSEN 12086:1997

≥7000 ≥7392

Smoke & Toxicity (IMO MSC
61(67) 1996

ISO 5659 Passed Passed
12 Weather & UV Resistance ASTM G53-1996 Excellent Excellent
13 Ozone Resistance ASTM D1149:1999

25% elongation

14 Mildew Resistance ASTM G 21-1980 No Fungal Growth No Fungal Growth
15 Antimicrobial Activity ISO22196:2007

No Bacteria

16 Chemical Resistance ASTM C-871 Good Excellent
17 VOC ASTM D5116 <500ug/m2/hr <6ug/m2/hr
18 Flexibility   Excellent Excellent
19 Production Process  

Asbestos, Chlorine,
& Fibre

20 Sound Absorption (200HZ-2500HZ) SAA ASTMC 423 NS 0.41
21 Noise Reduction Coefficient(NRC) ASTMC 423 NS 0.4
22 Sound Absorption Coefficient (α)

ISO354:2003 & 

NS αw=0.4
23 ODP & GWP

Bureu Veritas


Storage Life:
To be stored in dry,clean
rooms @normalRH (50-70%)
with ambient temperature

In House NA NA


Product characteristics

  • Zero water vapor permeability and almost zero water
  • Good FR properties
  • ER22 NBR/PVC Sponge is CFC and HCFC free
  • No emissions of VOC



Additional Information

Special Price No
Resistance to Please Call
Insertion Req No
Product Type Sponge & Foam
Solid Yes
Drainage Holes No
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