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Safeguard Your Vehicle’s Interior with Rubber Matting


Every time you go out for a drive, the inside of your vehicle is subjected to the great outdoors – dirt, sand, mud, liquid… you name it! While this can’t be avoided, quality rubber mats are a practical yet affordable way to prevent permanent damage to your vehicle’s interior.

Prominent features of vehicle rubber matting include:

Resilient in nature

Rubber is known to be naturally weatherproof – it performs well all year round, even in the most challenging situations. With proven durability that never disappoints, it can reliably preserve the interior of your vehicle.

It protects fragile objects

Rubber matting is available in different designs, textures and thicknesses to provide grip and cushioning; to protect fragile goods from damage - this is a particularly valuable feature in pick-up trucks and lorries.

Some of the most common rubber matting designs include:

rubber matting designs

  • Checker plate pattern
  • Cobbled pattern
  • Corrugated pattern
  • Orange peel design
  • Small dots design

It stands up to dirt and moisture

Spills and trodden in dirt are the main culprits that contribute to the premature ageing of a vehicle’s interior. While carpet might well be effective at trapping liquids and containing debris, it does tend to stain easily – and be quite difficult to clean.

Rubber mats, on the other hand, can act as a barrier. Cleverly designed with ridges and lines that can keep any mess in check while you’re driving, this affords excellent protection for both wet and dry conditions.

Easy to maintain

Rubber mats merely require a quick wash every now and again with a mild soap and water. Since rubber is naturally water-resistant, it dries easily and it doesn’t harbour any nasty smells – in fact, your rubber mats should come up as good as new!


Coruba offers rubber matting options that are suitable for vans, cars, pick-up trucks and lorries – they can be fully customised to suit your requirements. With all your enquiries, please call 01702 560194.

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