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  • How to Prevent an Electrical Fire

      According to the records of the UK Government, the main cause of accidental fire in houses and commercial buildings is usually related with electricity, including faulty appliances and leads. This covers 25% of the causes of fire in 2014. Here are some ways to help prevent electrical fires. ...
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  • 3 Main Gasket Classifications

    A gasket is used to prevent leaks from a mechanical joint, as well as to strengthen its weak point. The effectiveness of the gasket depends on its compatibility to the material. There are 3 main classifications of gasket: metallic, semi-metallic and non-metallic. 1. Metallic Gaskets These gaskets are made from...
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  • Preventive Measures for a Better Conveyor System

      Companies that use conveyor systems should follow preventive measures that can help avoid hazards within the workplace. These preventive measures can also maintain the conveyor system in perfect condition. Here are some important safety precautions for your consideration: 1. Use the conveyor based on its capacity By using...
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