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Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats: 8 Benefits They Bring to the Workforce


Employees who work in industrial operations are often exposed to long hours of standing on concrete floors – using 20% more energy than those who are sitting. Since it only takes 90 minutes before fatigue sets in, these people are prone to feelings of extreme weariness at work.

In a study conducted at England’s Loughborough University, anti-fatigue rubber matting was proven to bring beneficial health benefits – such as reduced stress to the feet and legs. With comfort and safety in mind, Coruba’s anti-fatigue mats assure the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

Anti-fatigue mats help to improve concentration levels, while also reducing possible accidents - due to the comfort they afford the body.

Good Posture

Designed to reduce stress on the joints and muscles, anti-fatigue mats allow blood to flow more freely throughout the body – reducing the risk of circulatory problems.

Prevention of Joint Stiffness

To avoid stiff limbs, anti-fatigue mats make natural frequent minor changes to your standing position.

Reduction in Headaches

They also help to ease the tension on the shoulders and neck – a common cause of headaches.

Reduced Lower Back Pain

Anti-fatigue mats can also relieve pressure on the spine and alleviate the strain on the muscles in the back.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Serving as a cushioned surface, anti-fatigue mats aid in tension relief and support the muscles to save energy.

Reduced Risk of Slipping

Slips, trips and other fall injuries can be prevented with the mats’ ribbed surface.

Reduced Foot Pressure

Anti-fatigue mats’ cushioned rubber properties help reduce the pressure from two strong forces: from heel-to-ground contact and from the vertical weight on the body when in the standing position.

Considered as the quickest and most affordable method to enhance safety and reduce workplace damage, anti-fatigue rubber matting is an industry essential. Contact Coruba on 01702 811 592 to learn more about our rubber safety products.


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