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Anti-Fatigue Mats: Do they work?

We all know what it feels like to be on our feet all day but is there anything we can we really do to improve our comfort?

There are various anti-fatigue mats on the market but are they worth buying? Is the anti-fatigue promise for real?

What really happens to our feet and legs when fatigue strikes?


Long hours of standing can cause stress to your joints. Half the world’s employees are experiencing that pain, with almost 75% of us constantly on our feet throughout the working day.

Our joints also have to deal with the impact of walking, standing, running or jumping and as a result, the tissues that are connected can be very vulnerable to injuries.


Here’s the bad news: It is more than likely that you will spend much of your life in the standing position and muscle damage due to standing for long hours can be permanent. Without enough rest, muscles are prone to aching and they can become more vulnerable to injury.

Blood Circulation

Since gravity pulls the blood down your legs, it is muscle movements that encourage our blood to circulate. Standing over prolonged periods will affect our blood circulation, further resulting in insufficient oxygen which can lead to different health problems. It can also result in pain and discomfort.

What can Anti-Fatigue Mats do?

So, what is the role of anti-fatigue mats and how can they help?

  • More than just another matting alternative, muscles and joints can adjust to the flexibility of anti-fatigue mats, unlike concrete floors with hard surfaces.

  • Your feet will experience micro movements that will encourage blood circulation. This increases the amount of energy that reaches the heart.

  • Softer floor coverings like anti-fatigue mats reduce muscle, tissue and joint stress.

Aside from these mats, you can also wear comfortable and shock absorbent shoes for maximum comfort. Just remember that there are several anti-fatigue matting options, so ensure that you choose the anti-fatigue matting alternative that best suits your needs.


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