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6 Types of Rubber Sheets


Rubber sheets have a wide range of functions, so it is imperative to understand the benefits of each alternative.

Natural Rubber Sheets

Made from non-toxic latex sourced from the Para rubber tree, natural rubber sheets are eco-friendly. They demonstrate excellent dynamic, rebound and mechanical properties and are commonly used in shotblasts, shute linings and conveyor skirts, among others.

EPDM Rubber Sheets

More than their resistance to alkalis, acids and ketones, EPDM rubber sheets are also known for their supreme weather resistant features – making them ideal for outdoor and high ozone applications, such as rubber roofing.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets

Due to their good insulating properties, neoprene rubber sheets are known for their fire-resistant benefits. They are highly suitable for use in oil, gas, chemical and dye industries.

Silicone Rubber Sheets

Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, this form of rubber sheet is a good insulator against high temperatures.  With low permeability it is also ozone, chemical and weather-ageing resistant - these features help to preserve it when exposed to medical environments.

Nitrile Rubber Sheets

Nitrile rubber sheets are a common sight in electrical transformer, food and sealing industries as they provide high tensile strength and are resistant to oil, fuels, grease and many other acids. They are also a popular material in the production of oil handling hoses, cable jackets and floor mats.

Viton Rubber Sheets

A synthetic type of rubber sheet, Viton has extreme resistance to high exposure applications - chemicals, acids, oils and petroleum products. it can also withstand high temperatures ranging from 20°F to 400°F.

Other than their industrial uses, rubber sheets are also prevalent in domestic and commercial applications – now that’s what I call flexibility! For top quality rubber sheeting and other rubber matting products, please call Coruba on 01702 811 683.


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