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Black Economy Grade SBR 70° shore

Black Economy Grade SBR 70° shore

Item Code: Coru110

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Quick Overview

Coru110 Black 'Economy' grade SBR 70° shore is an 'economy' grade Styrene Butadiene rubber. It is used where a cheaper quality material will suit – in simple applications such as packing pieces, dust seals, protection pads etc. where the material is not coming under any duress.

Material Profile (See Below):

  • Thickness: 1mm to 25mm

  • Sheet Size: 1.4m wide in 5, 10 and 20m rolls

  • Finish: Smooth finish (SS),Cloth finish (CC) is available at certain thickness' see below

  • Cutting: Standard press-tools

Other grades, colours and finishes are available - subject to minimum batch quantities.

Product Description

Stock Roll Sizes
[mm x mm x m]
1mm x 1400mm x 20m SS   CC     1.60Colour        Black
1.5mm x 1400mm x 20m SS   CC 2.40Compound SBR
2mm x 1400mm x 20m SS   CC 3.20Density [specific gravity]: 1.6
3mm x 1400mm x 10m SS   CC4.80Hardness [Degree Shore A]70° ± 5
4mm x 1400mm x 10m SS6.40Tensile strength [Mpa]: 2.5
5mm x 1400mm x 10m SS8.00Elongation at break:130%
6mm x 1400mm x 10m SS9.60Minimum temperature:  -20°C
8mm x 1400mm x 5m SS12.80Maximum temperature: +70°C
10mm x 1400mm x 5m SS16.00Abrasion resistance [mm3]: N/A
12mm x 1400mm x 5m SS19.20Tear resistance [kg/cm]: N/A
15mm x 1400mm x 5m SS24.00

20mmx 1400mm  x 5m SS32.00

25mm x 1400mm x 5m SS40.00

Additional Information

Special Price No
Resistance to No
Insertion Req No
Material Natural / SBR Blended - Economy Grade
Shore Hardness +/- 5º 70
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