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Black Crumb Rubber Insulation/Protection Matting

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Black Crumb Rubber Insulation/Protection Matting

Item Code: Coru595-S

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Heat Loss and Sound Reduction

Conforms to Part L of Building Regulations

Fire Classification EN13501-1

  • Manufactured from 95% recycled tyres (selected from top 5% in Europe)
  • Fire Rated to EN13501-1
  • Heat Loss Limiting
  • Footfall Sound insulation EN ISO 140-8
  • Great sound insulation as flooring underlay
  • Tough and durable rubber
  • Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Halogen and Heavy Metal Free
  • Eco Friendly including AgBB Scheme and Blue Angel
  • Solvent Free- non damaging to the Ozone
  • Fully Recyclable at end of life (estimated 30 years)
  • Granule Crumb Rubber: 55° Shore

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£14.72 m2 + VAT

Quick Overview

Coru595 Black Crumb Rubber Insulation/Protection matting is a tough and durable rubber crumb ideal for use as a stand alone floor or as a flooring underlay, including roof walk ways to not only reduce footfall sound but also heat penetration (solar gain). 

Fire rated and approved for the conservation of fuel and power under part L of building regulations you can install this economical product with complete confidence. 

This product is also ideal for protecting walls and floors in construction but is also extensively used in the equine and other animal setting.

Available in standard roll sizes or cut to your specific size and shape requirements.

Other grades, including coloured fleck available on application. 

N.B. Coruba Matting and Sheeting can be supplied plain or with self adhesive backed tape (SAB). Rubber Strip to bespoke sizes are available along with customised sheets/gaskets. Please email your enquiry details to sales@coruba.co.uk

Product Description




High Grade SBR rubber granulate bonded with polyurethane


Impact sound insulation- acoustic underlay for flooring applications

Density – EN ISO 845

730 Kg/m +/- 5% Weight/m2 7.3kg


3-10mm ± 0.3mm


10m x 1.25m or cut sheets/parts

Dimension Tolerance DIN 7715 – 2 M4

± 1.5%

Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO 1798

>0.70Nmm² at 10mm

Elongation at Break EN ISO 1798

>65% @ 10MM

Footfall Sound Insulation EN ISO 140-8

21db at 3 and 5mm, under 7mm standard laminate flooring

Dynamic Stiffness EN 29052-1

Measurement Executed in Deviation to Norm EN 29052/1- Without applying plaster on the test piece

77Mn/m³ in 3mm

70MN/M³ in 4mm

63MN/m³ in 5mm

Stress- Strain Characteristics in Compression EN ISO 3386-2

at 10mm ( 40x40x10mm)

C24 ca.647 kPa 0.65Nmm²

C40 ca.2240 kPa 2.24Nmm²

C50 ca.5500 kPa 5.50Nmm²


Load Deformation (Adapted from DIN EN ISO 3386-2)

Sample:40 x 40 x 10mm

10% ca 145 kPa

15% ca 235 kPa

20% ca 360 kPa

Fire Classification EN 13501-1

E fl or equivalent to BS (DIN 4102)

Temperature Stability

-30 to +100°C

Date of Issue



Additional Information

Insertion Req No
Material Crumb Rubber
Shore Hardness +/- 5º 50
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